This is our introductory issue of digital marketing weekly newsletter thus it goes for a celebration. I want to thank everyone who has impacted the digital marketing industry with knowledge, information, data, books, courses, etc helping our digital marketing community move forward.

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Thank you. Now it’s time for the news!


Read Google’s Search Algorithm Brief from Search Engine Land. Updated till 5th March 2021.

Ever heard of Gootkit Trojan? No, know more about it here. And, also know how Gootkit Trojan is using SERP to distribute Ransomware.

Featured Snippets drop to historic low. What does it mean? Read this artcile from Moz to know about it.


Are you worried about the duplicate content? Meghan a Moz Learn Team specialist walks us through a very detailed and easy to understand Whiteboard Friday video by providing some analogies to resolve duplicate content answering this question.

Download this extensive and definite Content Marketing Guide 2021 from Backlinko


Recently, Google has announced 3 changes in its Ads platform which might force advertisers to rethink how they will setup their Google Ad campaigns. Read this article on Practical Ecommerce to know what these changes are.

Final Thoughts

We wrap up our introductory issue here with a few latest news updates in SEO, Content, and Ads.

See you next week with issue 1.