We have been on a sabbatical for 3 months due to the Covid19 impacting upon our health in April and May 2021. However, we are now continuing the digital marketing newsletter journey from this issue onwards.

This is the latest edition of our exciting top digital news for the first week of June 2021.

To get us started Google has some new rules when it comes to Crypotcurrency platforms advertising their sites. These will allow trading companies to start advertising freely.

If you have opened Twitter today you may have noticed they have thrown modesty out the door and are now showing full page ads. This is to help motivate customers to pay for their new premium features.

Trying to trick customers into believing you have content available? According to Google, you may be wasting your time providing links to unrelated content.

How effective is your marketing budget? Should you really be spending more than 30% of your revenue on adverts?


SEO analysts are speaking but nobody is listening. A recent poll found that only 56% of SEO consultants felt companies were listening to their suggestions. They feel not even half of what they recommend is implemented. This means a large amount of money is being wasted paying SEO consultants yet companies are not listening to them? 

Is it time for companies to introduce user stories to help implement their SEO recommendations? This is a simple process that will provide action oriented motivation to companies forcing them to implement recommendations received by SEO consultant. It can help to improve the business and save costs. 

Make use of the latest technology available to improve your SEO. Here are 7 very exciting options for you to consider here.

Content Marketing

How well is your marketing campaign going? Have you heard about the new updates to YouTube analytics? It might be time for you to take a look at this in order to improve your engagement with content. 

Are you running low on marketing ideas? How about we carefully examine 5 new content marking ideas that you can try out to build up your first-party audience. It is important that you focus on how to attract and engage with your consumers. 

Affiliate Marketing

For any beginners out there Affiliate marketing can make a huge financial impact on your business. Here we have a self-help book that should help you fully understand what is affiliate marketing and how it can help you.

If you have now learned about what Affiliate marketing is you might be wondering what are the best affiliate networks to make money from? This will be a good help in order to get you ready for a life of luxury through passive income.

Email Marketing

In 2021 everyone has an email address. It is time to take advantage of that for your company to get improved marketing results. The software you choose is important so here are six email marketing softwares that you can consider.

Once you have these you should be able to generate more first party leads. This will be the key to extra traffic and revenue. To achieve this we need to analyse and study the best methods to grow our email lists

Social Network Marketing

The biggest companies in the world use social media to market their products. It has many benefits including reduced costs for a bigger audience. It is important to find out how they go about on their marketing initiatives. 


New products are available in the world of Ecommerce. Make sure you are up to date with the latest and most useful Ecommerce releases

If you are in need of a customizable method to forming an Ecommerce store then you will need to consider Open Source Platforms. These are very supportive methods that help third party developers. Here are 19 Open Source Platforms that you can choose from. 

Online Advertising (CPM, PPC etc)

Take some time off in order to refresh your knowledge of SEO. There are always new changes happening and it makes it difficult to remember the core principles of online marketing. Take a look at this course refresher that should help you boost your SEO ratings on Google.


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Digital Marketing Forums

Apple iOS 14 users will have a different format available to them for Facebook ads. The company is limiting how many will be shown and this can be seen as bad news. Fortunately there are some tips that you can use in order to keep Facebook ads running smoothly on iOS 14.


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